UTENCIL Multiple Can Opener

UTENCIL Multiple Can Opener

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4-in-1 Manual Can Opener by Utencil – The Convenient and Easy to Use Multitask Device to Complete Your Kitche 


Are you someone who hates unitaskers that take up much needed drawer space in your kitchen?

Have you been fed up with using low-quality can openers that break easily or are hard to use?

Introducing ★Utencil’s 4-in-1 Stainless-Steel Can Opener★

This kitchen can opener is more than just your typical opener of cans. Thanks to the intelligent yet compact design of the handle and body of this handheld can opener, it’s able to perform up to 4 container opening functions.

Its first function is being an outstanding can opener sporting an extra-sharp cutting wheel to help make cutting the lids off of cans extremely quick and simple. Then we’ve also fashioned it with a bottle opener at the top so you can enjoy glass bottled sodas and beer quickly and without having to waste time and energy trying to open it by hand. For this can opener’s third function, we’ve installed a small hook underneath bottle opener that is perfect for lifting pull tabs and pulling their lids off. Finally, with the ergonomic handle’s non-slip grip, you can easily open stubborn small jars and soda bottles.

We’ve also included an extra stainless-steel vegetable peeler with a non-slip grip as a small gift to you. This vegetable peeler matches perfectly with our kitchen can opener in appearance, and with its sharp peeling edge it’s able to peel all of your favorite fruits and veggies quickly and with little effort.

Need more reasons to choose Utensil?

*Stainless-steel body ensures years of use without any wear or rust

*Non-slip handle makes it easy to control and reduce risk of accidents

*Makes a fantastic gift for the kitchen chef in your family 


*4-in-1 FUNCTION – Our premium manual can opener is for more than just opening your traditional canned foods. We’ve made it perfect for also opening beer and soda bottles, ring pull tabs, and also small jars, all with precision and perfection.

*HEAVY-DUTY DESIGN – This handheld can opener has been made with heavy-duty stainless-steel to ensure that it won’t crack, break, or rust over time. We’ve also made the cutting wheel ultra-sharp so that it effortlessly pierces and opens your cans.

*INCLUDES VEGETABLE PEELER – Along with our 4-in-1 stainless-steel can opener, you also will receive our stainless-steel vegetable peeler as our gift to you. Perfect for peeling all of your favorite fruits and veggies quickly and easily.

*ERGONOMIC GRIP – Thanks to our kitchen can opener’s ergonomic non-slip handle and weighing only 0.5lbs, you’re given full control and precision when performing any of its 4 functions. Ensuring no accidents or spills happen while using the can opener.

*SATISFACTION GUARNATEED – If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your handheld can opener, simply contact our customer support experts within 1 year of purchase and they’ll send you a new replacement or full refund. No questions asked!

How to use:

Step 1: Open the Can Opener handle and separate the round gear from the round blade.
Step 2: Put and press the round gear of Can Opener on the can edge.
Step 3: Clamp the Can Opener handle and turn the large knob to make the circular blade roll.
Step 4: Open Canned food!


Product length 7.7 inches
Product width   2 inches
Product height   2.4 inches
Weight  0.5 lb
Color/Finish  Black
Number of pieces  1
Opener type   can-handeld
Kitchen product type  can opener
Primary material    #430 stainless steel
Product warranty   1 year